Hi, I’m Alex Kaehler

an early-career full-stack web developer from Seattle, WA

I’m a web developer with aptitude in logical problem-solving and visual design, and currently enrolled in a 31-week Java bootcamp focused on full stack web application development, including hands-on coursework in Java development, client-server programming with Spring, and React-based front-end development.


1 year in software development with Java and Javascript
2 years in web design with WordPress, HTML, and CSS
7 years in manufacturing, service, and travel


Languages: Java, JavaScript, SQL
Frontend: React, Redux, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Jest, WordPress
Backend: Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, JUnit
Development Tools: IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, pgAdmin, Git, Bash, Linux
Methodologies: Agile, CI/CD, Microservices



Command line money transfer app written in Java

  • RESTful API
  • Spring Boot / Spring Security
  • PostgreSQL database

Seattle Robotics Society

Non-profit robitics and technology hobbiest club website

  • Google calendar integration
  • archive of old website on archive.* subdomain

Sergeant Built

Website for high-end woodworking contractor

  •  Site loading animation
  • Responsive full-width design pattern

Trevlon Consulting

Website for business and startup consultant

  • Custom flexbox layout with @media query based wrapping
  • CSS animated hero at page load

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