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Hi, I’m Alex Kaehler

a freelance web designer, photographer, and graphic designer based out of Seattle, Washington


I’ve been a photographer for ten years and a freelancer for eight. In that time few subjects have escaped my lens: landscapes and nature, personal and professional portraits, products and marketing, automotive, and more.

I bring together a deep technical knowledge of cameras, optics, and lighting with an eye for sharp composition and clear visual storytelling, and a wry sense of humor to help grease the gears when the pressure is on.

Web Design

I’ve been a web designer for three years, eventually founding Outlander Marketing in 2019. Our team creates beautiful modern websites for businesses looking to connect to new and existing customers and establish a strong presence on the web.

Graphic design lets me extend my eye for composition and color to print media, layout, and logos.

Clear, professional audio can be just as important as good visuals. I have several years of audio production experience in concert venues, podcast editing, and sound design, creating a clean, professional, and immersive sound experience.

Video is a powerful medium for communication and, increasingly, inescapable. I use the rich language of film to present your message to the world.